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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is giving people the gift of meditation. A relaxing treatment that is channeled through the hands.

Julie also offers animal healing

She has been an animal lover all her life and currently has two cats and a dog. Often the animal will let Julie know where they need the healing.

Julie Lovelock animal healing
'There is a tangible sense of well-being that emanates from the spiritual healing and one is left with a sense that all is well.'

Julie has been healing for 14 years and a full member of The Healing Trust for 7 years. She uses an intuitive blend of the mind, body, spirit connection, Spiritual Healing and listening skills to balance chakras and help you to feel grounded and relaxed, so relieving stress, the basis of most illness.

Spiritual Healing puts you back in touch with your ‘spirit’, your true nature, releasing emotional and mental issues that can often affect your physical health.

To find out more arrange a healing session call Julie on 07737 945 014 or send an email to julie@julielovelock.co.uk or use the form below.