About Julie

Julie lives in the beautiful, spiritually vibrant town of Glastonbury in the UK

Julie has lived in Glastonbury for over 15 years. She moved with her family from south east London in December 2001.

She believes that feeling;

peaceful | positive | relaxed | capable | good about yourself

can be achieved through the balance of body, mind and spirit; through an holistic approach to living, loving and laughing.

Each of the elements Julie has to offer can be used individually or combined to create a more powerful and positive effect. By working on many levels at the same time, combined with a regular practice, you can produce a more sustained and meaningful impact on your life.

Julie has learned how deeply effective this combination of healing, insight and physical exercise is from personal experience. As new challenges came into her life Julie searched for the most beneficial solution and over time has built up a deep knowledge of the body, mind, spirit connection.

All her work is a form of healing, whatever she offers people: a healing session, readings, past life regressionYogacounselling and even her artwork. Above all she likes her work to be empowering; allowing people to find tools for survival but, most of all, to have joy in their lives, to access true and lasting happiness that comes from within, as she has strived to achieve in her own life.

The best way to find out how Julie can work with you towards a happier, healthier lifestyle is to give her a call on 07737 945 014 or by emailing her on joolzlove@hotmail.com.

Todays hectic lifestyle can often leave you feeling tired, overworked and undervalued. Which can all lead to you performing less than at your best and in order to perform at your best you need to feel your best. An holistic approach to your health and lifestyle is one of the ways to feel your best; but exactly how do you do that while juggling everything else at the same time?

Julie faced the same conundrum. Having done 24 hour shifts as a holiday rep, struggled as the single mum of a very ill, premature baby, battled with depression, managed a family and gone out to work, she knows what it can be like, and how it can leave you feeling. But along the way Julie collected an armory of knowledge, skills and techniques that have helped her. She has combined everything she learned into a unique, holistic approach to living, and wants to share her journey with others.

You can read more about Julie’s life and the path that led her to each of the elements that helped her, and that she now offers to others, in her mini-bio.