Mini Bio

Julie was born in Edenbridge, a small town in the beautiful county of Kent. Julie’s mother brought her up on her own and, although she had two wonderful brothers, they were much older than her, so she spent a lot of time alone. Even as a child she found peace and comfort being with animals and outside in nature, often taking walks in the countryside.

Historic Hever Castle, the home of Anne Boleyn and where Henry VIII would court her, was Julie’s favourite place to visit as a child; she would call it ‘her castle’ and it sparked great interest in the Tudor period of history.

Julie’s mother came from the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, and they spent most school holidays visiting her Grandmother in Bangor. Julie was always drawn to the wildness of the mountains and, on discovering of a Druidic burial chamber on Anglesey, experienced her first sensation of ‘energy’.

Julie would say her teenage years were not easy. She travelled a long way on the bus to school in Tunbridge Wells every day and worked very hard. Following the death of her Grandmother in 1981 things became considerably tougher at home. She found solace in listening to The Beatles, writing a journal and the good friends she made on the bus each day. Looking back Julie realises she may not have got through those years if it hadn’t been for the friendships she forged and her strength of spirit.

She spent a year a Leicester Polytechnic studying for a Business Studies degree, but soon realised this was not her natural vocation and she left, intending to take up a degree in something she felt more passionate about, such as Art, but finances prevented her. Again, she made some valuable, lifelong friendships at Leicester and gained much from the experience.

After leaving Leicester Polytechnic Julie took a number of jobs, searching for fulfilment is not easy when you have to keep a roof over your head. She was a coach courier/hostess for a holiday company, travelling abroad for six months, and then for a well-known sock-selling company on Carnaby Street and in Knightsbridge in the West End of London, both full-on, unforgettable and worthwhile experiences. She also worked for a Reinsurance brokers in the City of London.

Julie moved to London to make commuting easier, eventually finding herself in Catford, South East London. Here she met her first husband and had her son, Christian, which was when her life changed completely. Christian had a traumatic birth, he weighed only 3lb 4oz and his cord prolapsed, only then to discover, when was just a day old, that he was very unwell and needed surgery to save his life. Again going through a traumatic period in her life, Julie gained strength from her brothers, her friends and her tremendous spirit.

Julie split from her husband and found herself living in a house that needed a lot of work doing with an ill baby who needed frequent stays in hospital. However, it was her first proper home and Julie made it so for herself, Christian and their beloved cat Lily by discovering gardening and decorating. She had already developed an interest in the Tarot by this time and gave readings at parties. She also realised she was receiving intuitive guidance, hearing a clear voice, which if she followed was always to her benefit.

When Christian was in hospital Julie would listen to other peoples’ troubles, even the nurses’, and realised she had a good ear for listening. This led to her studying Psychology and Sociology in adult education classes. Also on the timetable were watercolour classes and, having found art classes at school the most peaceful and rewarding, she gave them a go. This was how Julie discovered one the greatest passions of her life, drawing and painting. She soon found herself painting commissions, usually animals and landscapes.

At this time Julie also discovered meditation and it was this practice, she believes, that truly turned her life around and enhanced her spiritual journey. She sat in circle and so found her psychic, clairvoyant and healing ability, finding was able to ‘see’ as well as ‘hear’.

Julie met her husband Gareth in 1995, Elizabeth was born in 1997, they married in 1998 and in December 2000 the whole family moved to Glastonbury in Somerset.

Julie was delighted to be back in a small, country town and she encouraged her family to go for long walks in the countryside. As well as finding Somerset to be another beautiful part of the country, much like her homeland of Kent, the family would also travel to visit Gareth’s father in the Highlands of Scotland, providing Julie with further inspiration to paint.

Not long after moving to Glastonbury Julie trained and qualified as a healer with the N.F.S.H. (now The Healing Trust) and gained qualifications in counselling. Around this time she realised healing was her true calling, finding she was able to help people, that her intuition flowed and that she was able to help people connect to their own spirituality. She voluntarily set up and managed a drop-in healing centre in the town hall in Glastonbury, so allowing her to offer healing to the public and to provide a space for student healers to practise. She also did animal healing for friends’ pets, finding the animals would come to her when needing healing and would show her what they needed.

She volunteered for Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre, usually fundraising by face painting, and at Chalice Well gardens, working in the office. She also volunteered in her children’s schools, usually helping in art lessons, and following this took up a job as a Teaching Assistant, eventually becoming responsible for teaching art, creating displays and helping the children paint a mural in the school.

By this time Julie had practised Yoga at home for ten years and attended some beautiful spiritual classes in Glastonbury. She found that by getting up an hour early and practising Yoga and meditation every morning before work, she got through the day feeling more peaceful and with more energy. She shared her knowledge of Yoga and meditation with the children and some staff at school by creating an after-school Yoga club.

After five years working the school Julie realised she wanted to put her spiritual gifts to use again and made the decision to take her 200 hours Yoga teacher training with Zenways in November 2010.

2011 saw the start of her teaching Yoga to adults and children and once more giving healing and readings. This has also allowed her time to focus on painting, taking up oils which have become her new passion.

Sadly April 2011 saw the passing of Lily the cat at the grand age of twenty and a half years. Julie keeps up her contact with animals by volunteering at Secret World once more, this time caring for the sick animals in the hospital. She also has hedgehogs in her garden that she keeps an eye on and has taken up horse riding again for the first time in 30 years. She finds it a good job she has Yoga to ease her aching muscles!

In September 2013, Julie was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which she believes she had suffered from for twenty years before the diagnosis. Rather than seeing the diagnosis as a set-back, she rather saw it as being able to be aware of what she was working with, particularly using the mind-body-spirit connection that she works with and believes in wholeheartedly.

When working at the local primary school, she would get up an hour earlier each day to practise yoga and meditation before work as she found that, despite having an hour’s less sleep, she would feel more energised and would get through the day better. But, what she also realised, was that when she didn’t keep up her practice so frequently in the school holidays she would suffer what are known as fibromyalgia flare-ups: chronic fatigue, aching and watery eyes that are quite flu-like in their symptoms. So, she put two-and-two together and realised that her yoga and meditation practice kept the flare-ups at bay.

Sleep deprivation, depression and stress are all symptoms and triggers to fibromyalgia flare-ups. So, Julie uses a combination of light exercise (walking, jogging and yoga), diet and, primarily, mindfulness and meditation to keep on top of her symptoms, to the point that people can often be surprised that she suffers from it at all. Of course, she’s not perfect and takes care to keep a balance and rest when required. Pushing yourself too far, she believes, is one of the main causes of the auto-immune illness. But, as her work is designed to help others in the ways that she has been helped, she hopes to inspires others to be able to live a decent life despite having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, or indeed any other auto-immune illness.